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Buy some knowledge of the cartoning machine

There are many kinds of cartoning machines, and the speed is also different. The following talks about the gap between the low-speed cartoning machine and the high-speed cartoning machine.
Comparison of medium and low speed cartoning machine: vertical cartoning machine, light and beautiful, small footprint, fast packaging speed, generally can reach 100~180 boxes/min, compared to horizontal cartoning machine, in packaging Some standard products have advantages, the cost of the machine is lower than that of the horizontal cartoning machine, but the price on the market is higher than that of the horizontal cartoning machine. The main reason is that the range of the vertical cartoning machine is not lying. The type of cartoning machine is not convenient for horizontal cartoning machines. The horizontal cartoning machine is now widely used in food, medicine, energy saving lamps, cosmetics, hardware and other industries. At the same time, the manufacturers of horizontal cartoning machines are also More, so the cost-effective horizontal cartoning machine is higher, the horizontal cartoning machine is generally divided into 100 and 120 models, the price is not the same. The maximum speed is different.

High-speed cartoning machine comparison: high-speed cartoning machine is very different between domestic and foreign countries. The foreign packaging speed is 600 boxes/min, while most of the horizontal continuous cartoning machines are only within 300 boxes/min. Currently, only Hualian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Breaking through 400 boxes / minute.