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The cartoning machine has no alarm, and the product does not push the box into the device.
The contents of the cartoning machine failed:
During the normal operation of the cartoning machine, without the alarm, the product does not push the box into the device. Not only the loss of products, but also the potential safety hazards of the equipment.

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Check the incoming photoelectric sensor for damage. By changing to jog mode, the machine runs at a maximum speed of 40 bottles per minute. After 30 minutes, no articles were found to be transferred to the inside of the device without alarm.
Then switch the cartoning machine to the automatic mode, and the running speed of the device is set to 40 bottles/min. Obviously, the above situation has not been observed. Set the operating speed of the cartoning machine to 60 bottles/min. Observe that only 30 times after the device has no alarm, the product falls into the device. The speed of the cartoning machine was set to 80 bottles/min. After observing for 30 minutes, it was found that the frequency of the product falling into the device increased when the device did not have an alarm. By further carefully checking the position of the bottle, it is found that when the conveyor belt brings the product to the bottle grinding tool, the product is slightly swayed when the product enters the groove by the bottle feeding mold, resulting in slight sway of the product. The bottle photosensor does not effectively detect the bottle. As a result, the product does not push into the box and falls directly into the device without an alarm.


(1) The gap between the feeding molds is reduced, so that the shaking space of the products in the feeding mold becomes smaller.
(2) Adjust the position of the incoming photoelectric sensor to the optimal position.