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Cartoning machine level equipment and equipment professional maintenance (half a year)
(1) Check the paper folding system manual of the cartoning machine. The motor conveyor belt is visually inspected for no cracks and gaps, no missing teeth and slipping.
(2) Check the carton system box conveyor of the cartoning machine, visually inspect the structure without cracks and gaps, without missing teeth and slipping.
(3) Grab the cartridge suction nozzle through the air-blowing into the box system to achieve smooth, no obvious dust and impurities.
(4) Check whether the cam mechanism of the cassette system of the cartoning machine is cracked or notched.
(5) Purge the electrical control cabinet through air pressure to make it clean and tidy. Check the terminal, grounding and fixing parts are firm and reliable, the marking is clear and complete, the cable is intact, and the door lock is intact and reliable.
(6) Press the manual button to test the emergency stop button of the control system to check whether the button is flexible and can control the stop of the cartoning machine.